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Evaluation and Examination

In consultation chamber, the urologist or his assistant will ask you details of your current symptoms, duration of symptoms and any past history. You should volunteer any additional information, however un-related it seems to the current illness. The details you give will decide the completeness of evaluation and determine success of treatment.
Remember to carry all of your old medical records and investigation reports including films of X-rays/CT scans/MRIs
Don’t worry. All your information will be strictly confidential.

The urologist may like to examination your abdomen (tummy) and private parts depending upon your symptoms.
Digital rectal examination:
The urologist will put a gloved finger inside your anal canal to evaluate prostate (in males), which lies just ahead of bowels in lower abdomen. This examination is essentially painless and yields a lot of information, which will be useful for deciding further course of investigations and treatment.


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